Find the Best Vegan Desserts in Missoula

Missoula is one of the more diverse cities in Missoula with a large city transplant population. The food scene has always been delicious, but fairly meat-focused with few vegan options. But in the last five years, there has been a vegan revolution in the city.

Enjoy Missoula’s Best Vegan Desserts in 2020

While I’m not vegan, I am always dairy free and tend to eat vegan or plant based while I’m out on the town. It’s usually genuinely delicious and “I would like the vegan option” is easier than asking about every single ingredient in the dish (a big apology to all the servers who get me at their table).

But it’s not always obvious which restaurants or bakeries have the best desserts. So I saved you all some time and compiled a list of the best vegan desserts near me in Missoula, MT.

The Best Vegan Desserts Near Me:

The vegan dessert scene is unrivaled in Montana. The city provides a variety of vegan treats, from cupcakes to donuts to ice cream and everything in between. If you’re vegan and looking for a treat in Missoula, please use this list as your guide!

Veera Donuts: Vegan Donuts

Price range: Under $10 for one donut

Veera donuts is a relatively new shop in Missoula, just opening their doors in Fall 2019. They’ve taken Missoula by storm since opening. Their donuts are truly delicious, and could trick any non-vegan into believing they’re filled with animal products.

These donuts are huge, bigger than my hand, and have a rotating selection of fun and fascinating flavors. The donuts are a cloud-like and covered in surprising toppings, to delight even the most cynical donut lover. Veera Donuts also has gluten free options, savory options, coffee and an amazing cold case. If sweets aren’t your thing (but then why are you reading this?) grab a container of their vegan queso from the cold case. You won’t regret it.

Good Food Store: Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cookie Dough

Price range: Varies on amount of cookies

If you’re looking for an amazing chocolate chip cookie, look no further than the Good Food Store. These cookies are made fresh daily and can be found in the bakery section. You can buy a full bag, a single cookie or some of the cold “raw” dough to take home and bake yourself. (Or eat straight with a spoon, let’s not kid ourselves here).

These cookies are filled with chocolate chips and are buttery morsels from heaven. Pro tip: stick the bag of cookies in the freezer and then eat them. They’ll be cool and slightly crunchy.

Plonk: Vegan Cheezecake (Not Always on the Menu So Check Ahead)

Price range: Under $20

The vegan cheezecake at Plonk is incredible. A light, fluffy and subtly chocolate wedge of heaven will arrive on a plate crowned with surprising toppings. Most recently mine arrived crowned with a berry compote and candied nuts that provided a welcomed crunch to the mostly creamy dish.

Sweet Peaks: Oatmilk Ice Cream

Price range: Under $5

No, this is not sorbet. This is real (well, almost real) ice cream folks! If you need to know one thing about me, know that I do not consider sorbet a viable replacement for ice cream and will throw a cone at you if you offer it.

Sweet Peaks released their new seasonal oat milk flavors in early 2020. This oatmilk blend is a sustainable and affordable option for the company to provide it’s loyal dairy free customers. While personally I prefer a coconut based ice cream, the flavors are delicious and will hit the spot on a hot afternoon downtown. The flavors may rotate, so make sure to ask or call ahead of time.

Bernice’s Bakery: Rotating Cupcake Flavor

Price range: Under $5

While not obtusely vegan-friendly, Bernice’s Bakery does have one rotating gluten free and vegan cupcake. It’s dense, moist and has an amazing vegan “buttercream” topping. My favorite is the chocolate variety, which is rich with cocoa powder. They can also custom make a full vegan cake for a reasonable price! I did this for my wedding and was amazed at the culinary skill.

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