We Bought a House!

Blue front of house with trees in background.

Drumroll please…we bought a home!! Specifically, 100+ year old house with plenty of quirks. It has it all: charm, old crappy wiring and hardwood floors.

After searching for home for only two weeks (!!!) we walked into this one and fell in love.

But my obsession with this old railroad house extends into last year, when I first saw it on Zillow. At the time, Brady and I had just moved into a shoe box of an apartment. I was excited to live with him for the first time, but was not excited about our lack of a yard and general space.

I was day dreaming and browsing the website when I saw this blue charmer at the time it was way out of our price range but I was IN. LOVE. The wood floors, the backyard, the blue paint, I die…It quickly went off the market. Over the next few months, I kept an eye on that area of town to see if any houses similar popped up. It did not.

But then! Two months ago we began our home buying journey. I was creeping Zillow (much more seriously) and saw that the blue house was back on there. I was shocked and texted our realtor immediately.

Lucky for us, the previous offers had fallen through and the home was back on the market. I jumped at the chance and we made an offer before the end of the night.

And now, after a few hurdles, the house is ours! Now it’s time to turn it into a home. Stay tuned for a full house tour and all the renovation posts.

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