Thrive Market Haul + Discount!

Last year I was searching for an affordable protein powder. And couldn’t find one. All of the powders I found either tasted like crap, weren’t dairy free or were one million dollars. I tested Orgain’s protein powder and found that I really liked it! But as a new college graduate on a budget, I couldn’t afford it frequently.

But then I heard about Thrive Market, an online health food store. Their discounts were amazing. The protein I wanted was around 20% off! The same goodies on the website will cost me a pretty penny at my local health food store, but are usually more than 20% off on Thrive Market! (You can get an EXTRA 25 percent off your first order using my link!)

I got a membership (pretty affordable, I’ve already made my money back in my protein powder discount alone) and have been a dedicated member ever since. I make orders every one to two months to stock up on bulk goods and the healthy items I love, at a more affordable price.

With the second wave (is it really the second if the first wave never fully stopped?) on the horizon, I decided to stock up on my favorite shelf stable goods.

They ran out of a ton of my favorite goods at the start of the first shelter in place, and I wanted to get ahead of it this time! You can see the bulk of my order above, primarily some carbohydrates and a little protein thrown in. Plus a gluten free sourdough starter because…I’m a sucker for a trend!

I highly recommend their Thrive branded goods. I love the black rice, brown rice pasta variations and coconut aminos.

Each box is packaged in compostable or recyclable materials, so a greener footprint than your typical mail service! The shipping is also fairly quick (when they have everything in stock) and their customer service is amazing.

This post isn’t sponsored, I’m just a sucker for a good deal and wanted to pass along this recommendation to all my other friends. If you want an extra steal, you can get 25% off your first order using my link!


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