The Best Breweries + Tap Houses in Missoula

Missoula is a growing cultural hub in Montana. Incoming tech giants, new eateries and boutiques is turning Missoula into a great place to live out your twenties. And what else do people in their twenties enjoy? Beer. Here’s the list of my favorite breweries, if you’d like to see.

The Best Breweries in Missoula Are:

Dram Shop

First up: Dram Shop. Known for their relaxed vibe, this shop was the first tap house on the Missoula scene. They carry more than 30 beers on draft, with an additional wine, kombucha and soda selection. This is a great place to study, have drinks before a date or visit after spending the day at Snowbowl.


A newer brewpub, Gild joined the Hip Strip shortly after I moved to Missoula. They offer beer from their own brewery, wine and cider selections. Gild also offers up a seasonal Mexican inspired tapas menu, great for a light snack while relaxing with friends. Their interior design is probably my favorite in Missoula, with a 1920s lounge vibe on the second floor. But while you may come for the beer and stay for the tapas, the real crown jewel of Gild is the UNDERGROUND ARCADE. Put it on your list for your next trip downtown.

Draught Works

Ahhh Draught Works, my favorite brewery in Missoula. Draught Works goes above and beyond, killing the marketing and creativity game. Not only are they a fun presence and thought leader in the Missoula beer scene, they also provide a delicious selection of beer. They regularly host live music and fun events where they partner with other small businesses. My favorites include: Sunday Brunch, Holiday Parties and St. Patrick’s Day.

Highlander Beer

I used to work on the marketing team at Highlander, so this may be biased, but it’s a wonderful location. They offer a large selection of seasonal beers, in addition to a delicious pizza kitchen and taco trailer. Their location is a bit out of the way, but has an amazing outdoor area bordering a creek. It’s a great place for families, boasting a great kids’ play area. My favorite is the Strawberry Wheat – it’s fruity and girly and I like it.


I have a bone to pick with Kettlehouse…as soon as we decide to move to a home less than four blocks away, they close down their Northside location (RIP). Despite this affront, I love the business and their beer. Try the Coldsmoke, it’s pretty much famous at this point.

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